Monday, July 25, 2011

Custom Ringer T Shirts

Ringer T shirt is a type of shirt with 2 contrasting color; one on the fabric, and another one in the sleeve bands and collar. Ringer t shirts gained popularity during the 60s, hence its vintage appeal. At ShirtMagic, you can create custom ringer t shirts for yourself, for your friends or organization. Ringer t shirts are also popular for sports fans. Here are some custom ringer t shirts made to show support for major league teams:

custom baseball t shirt   
If you want to create something like these, just click on one of the shirts and it will lead you to ShirtMagic's online T shirt designer wherein you can personalize your very own custom ringer t shirt. Aside from major sports league, you can also create custom ringer t shirts out of vintage tv shows and famous 80s commercials. Anything vintage fits well with ringer t shirts because they born in the same era.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Lacrosse may be an all-American sport but its more of a religion to our Canadian friends. As a matter of fact, Lacrosse is their national summer sport. For the native Canadians, traditionally, Lacrosse games used to last for up to three days straight, as part of their ritual to give thanks to the Creator. They even referred it to as "The Creator's Game."

In America, Lacrosse gained popularity in 1900s. I became popular across the east coast and continued its growth in the midwest, as well as the west coast. The sport continues to attract audiences due to media visibility and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

If you're looking to be a part of your local lacrosse team, first, you should learn the goal of the sport. Second, make sure you have the proper attire for the sport. You can find the latter at ShirtMagic, wherein you can create custom lacrosse uniforms. You can get the rest of the equipment, like the lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads and hand protection, at the local sports gear and apparel retail stores.

You can find at least 10 styles of shirts ideal for Lacrosse. ShirtMagic's Lacrosse jerseys are made of 100% polyester. For those who prefer cotton more than synthetic fibers, ShirtMagic has Gildan ultra cotton top to suit their preferences.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Custom Youth Sweatshirts

If adults can don sweatshirts, and so as the youth. Youth sweatshirts are ideal for kids ages 7 to 12; they can use these on top of their school uniforms during cold seasons. If they're a fan of Harry Potter or Anime, you can create custom youth sweatshirts for them through Shirtmagic.

First step would be grabbing the design you want to place on the sweatshirt. A good example of custom youth sweatshirt will look like this:

Designing a sweatshirt will only take you couple of minutes, that is, if you have an idea in mind of how you want the sweatshirt will look like. Please take note that you can also put designs on the back and the arm areas of the shirt.

Next would be modifying the colors of the sweatshirt. Shirtmagic's collection of youth sweatshirts comes in different colors. I'm sure there's always one cute color for your kid.

To see the rest of Shirtmagic's Youth Sweatshirts, visit the site and start playing with their online t-shirt designer. Try ordering one for your kid and if he/she likes it, create more! Price is very affordable and fabrics are of high quality. You can't go wrong with Shirtmagic products.

Friday, June 3, 2011

create custom t shirts in no time - with shirtmagic

Designing custom t shirts is quickly becoming a popular way for people to insure that what they are wearing not only voices their opinions but reflects their unique sense of style. That's the main purpose why some people love custom t shirts in the first place. It's a good medium to express their thoughts, their beliefs, their emotions and their pride. If you're running out of gift ideas to relatives or friends, you cannot go wrong with custom t shirts. If you want to show your support to your favorite sports team, instead of buying overpriced merchandise from the mall, why not create custom t shirts instead? Retailers might not like it but the subject(s) of your adoration will surely love it.

There are many custom t shirts vendors online but I only trust Shirtmagic especially for bulk orders. They deliver on time and the shirts are in good quality since they are made from 100% cotton.  With Shirtmagic, you can create custom t shirts in no time. Visit their website now to see what I'm talking about.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Branded Custom Shirts

One of the best things about Shirtmagic is the quality of [the] fabrics they use for t-shirt printing. Ever tried wearing custom Hanes t-shirt or custom Sport-Tek apparel with your name and team's insignia printed on the shirt? That's what Shirtmagic do. The site allows its customers to create custom shirts out of these famous brand names:

  • Hanes (Hanes Beefy Tee)
  • Gildan
  • Jerzees
  • Sport-Tek (jerseys, pullover sweatshirts)
  • District Threads
  • Columbia
  • Port Authority
  • Port & Company
  • Red House
  • Precious Cargo (baby clothes)
  • Cornerstone (corporate apparel)
  • Outer Banks (custom Golf shirts)

Aside from T-shirts and work apparel, Shirtmagic also offers custom bags and custom caps from Ogio and New Era brands respectively. This simply show how dedicated the people behind Shirtmagic when it comes to meeting customer satisfaction and earning their trust with their products. To learn more about the shirt brands that Shirtmagic uses for custom shirt printing, you can visit the site and check out the Brands section at the bottom of the page.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sport-Tek at Shirtmagic

America's premier brand in athletic apparels is now at Shirtmagic. Sport-Tek, the name behind quality sports apparel like jerseys, fleece shirts, knit shirts, sweatshirts and pullovers is the same fabric being used at Shirtmagic for their custom activewear shirts. Sport-Tek is known for its durability and breathable high quality materials that keeps the body dry. It is designed to meet the needs of people with active lifestyles.

Sport-Tek jerseys are Shirtmagic's bestsellers. They offer custom jerseys for almost all team sports that you can think of: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Field hockey, Softball, Hockey. You name it!  Shirtmagic's online t-shirt designer allows you to create custom shirts easily. You can even use your own design should you wish for a more personalize approach for your team uniform.

If in any case you can't come up with a design for your Jersey, you can use Shirtmagic's over 250 design concepts by the very creative in-house artists of Shirtmagic. You cannot go wrong with Shirtmagic and Sport-Tek anyway. To create the perfect custom jerseys for your team, you need the right brand of fabric. And that's exactly what Shirtmagic and Sport-Tek gives to you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cheap Custom Shirts

When we say cheap custom shirts, we're not necessarily talking about pre-owned custom apparels. We want our cheap custom shirts to be  unique yet affordable. If you were to create one by yourself, it will actually cost you more than getting one from the mall, sans the 'uniqueness' of course, considering the amount of screen printing kit, the ink and the shirt. Not to mention the 'trial and error' episodes during experimentation.

But why bother with these scenarios when you can create cheap custom shirts online without any hassle? I'm talking about Shirtmagic here, an online t-shirt printing company that specializes in cheap custom shirts. Shirtmagic has the right fabric for custom printing so you don't have to worry about the quality. They've been in the business of producing custom shirts for the past 4 years and among their happy customers were schools and corporate businesses.

So going back with creating the shirt online, all you need to do is head on to Shirtmagic's website. They have an online t-shirt designer where you can choose any t-shirt style and modify it by adding a text line or images. You can also upload your own design or use stock photos from the Internet. Or, you can use Shirtmagic's design templates as a guide for your custom shirt; there are around 250 design ideas to choose from.
Once the shirt is ready for printing, all you need to do is fill out the details for the sizes and quantity. If you have additional specifications about the design or printing details, you can use the 'add notes' feature of the program and Shirtmagic will take note of it. That simple: you design, they will print. Price is cheap but quality is very competitive.